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Fruit and Veg.
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The Baby Food Recipes - Free

For 6 months +

If you are looking for some easy variations to provide for different tastes and texture, try Peas and Carrots; Green Beans and Potatoes; Carrots and Corn; Carrots and Sweet Potatoes; Potatoes and Squash; Squash and Corn; Apples and Pears; Bananas and Kiwi; Peaches and Apples; Apples and Bananas; Pear Pineapple; Plums with Apples; Apples & Cherries; Sweet Potatoes and Corn. Make the mixes 50/50, cook until soft, and puree to desired consistency.


Frozen or Canned Fruits and Vegitables


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Please use as many organic fruits and vegetables as you can when making baby food. Fruits and vegetables not labled as organic will have levels of pesticides and other unwanted chemicals that babies shouldn't eat. Organic produce is farmed without processed chemicals and has improved vitamin and mineral content.


Canned vegetables should be checked on their labels to see if they are low salt or unsalted. Try to get unsalted. Canned fruits should be checked on their labels to see if they are unsweetened or canned in natural juice. Do not buy canned fruit that is canned in heavy syrup. Check the texture of the canned fruits and vegetables to see if they are very soft (holds a form but breaks up easily with your finger). Some canned fruits and vegetables will have to be cooked over low heat until they are soft enough for your baby to eat unless you are blending or mashing them.

Fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit should be washed and peeled. Cook over low heat in a small amount of water. Cool and puree or mash. A word of warning: Beets and spinach have high concentrations of nitrates that can dampen your babys ability to get oxygen in his or her blood. Use these foods in moderation or not at all until his or her first birthday.

Most pediatritions suggest sticking to the basics (cereal, vegetables, and fruits) until the 7th month. However, I would suggest that you talk to your pediatrition to see what he/she recomends. You could discuss it during your next visit, or call and ask. You may even like to print out our recipes to take with you so you can ask which would be okay to feed your baby now.