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Eggs with Cheese
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Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

for 10 months and older


2 eggs*(for babies under 12 months, just use the egg yolks)
2 tbs formula or milk
2 tbs shredded mild cheddar or american cheese
1/2 tsp butter


1.) Whip the eggs & milk until foamy. Add cheese.
2.) Add the butter to a small frying pan and allow to melt and cover the bottom of pan. Cook the mixture in pan over medium heat for about 4 minutes. Stir constantly to keep the eggs moist and not crispy.
3.) Cool to warm & serve.

* Ask your pediatrician if your baby is ready for eggs. . . Babies can have egg yolks from 10 months, but they can't fully digest the whites, so leave these out until your baby is a year old. For your babys first feedings give a very small portion to make sure allergies wont develop. Eggs contain all 22 amino acids bodies need for new tissue growth, the clotting or blood and antibody formation, and are a very good source of protein. Eggs are a good supplement if your baby wont eat meats yet.