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Welcome to the Cutting Costs Baby Freebies Gold Star Award page! We prefer that only parenting web sites apply, but exceptionately good web sites with another topic will be considered as well. If you win a Gold Star, display your award proudly! The award means that your web site has excellent web design, content, and strives to use the internet for good causes and helping others.

Here is what we look for:

Award Winning Criteria:

No Banner Ads 1. A Web Page That Has Something Useful.

Is your web page worth the wait of downloading by providing some kind of service or interesting information? Here are some things we look for: specific mission or website goals, message & its expression, usefulness & quality of content, and most important- a reason to return or likely hood of suggesting it to a friend.

2. Pictures Are Nice In Moderation.

Unless you are model quality or your picture adds entertainment value, you may want to keep it off your web site. And if you are model quality you may want to keep it off for safety reason (so many weirdoes you know). But you should have some interesting pictures to add spice to your content. We just don't want to watch your website grow like grass, at the speed of growing grass. So keep it in moderation and here are some things we look for: visual appeal, professional appearance, artistic integration.

3. Be Entertaining.

Some web site are entertaining, but utterly useless except for a good laugh. Parents need lots of laughs, so we will honor a good humor website. Here are some things we look for originality, elegance & sophistication, creative use of resources.

4. HTML Quality and Visual Appearance

A web page should aid the eye in moving around the site. Some things we look for: clean HTML with no faulty code, navigation functionality & clarity, quality & depth of links provided, clever synergies of visual elements, ease of use, clarity & simplicity, general layout & use of space, absence of mistakes &/or inaccuracies, absence of incongruities, absence of dead ends, absence of process failures, effectiveness of unified feel, commendable insight or utility, contributions &/or support of worthy public causes.

Gold Star winners will be listed on this page and added to our search engine.

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To apply for a Gold Star, email Gold Star with your URL, Name, Site Name, and a short description.

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Gold Star Award Winners!

Coupons & Rebates for free. Also you can swap baby clothing, maternity clothes, jewelry, collectables and more with other members for free. You can even sell stuff. Highly recomended, A++
Little Did I Know Cooperatively created by stay at home mothers, Little Did I Know is a gift shop and directory of unique keepsakes and gifts for baby, child and mother.
The Baby & Parent Ezine Full of information and articles for new and expecting parents. Lots on pregnancy.
Family Voices Arizona Families and friends speaking on behalf of Children with special healthcare needs. Includes the SHARE (Special Help And Respite Exchange) Network where families can list needs as well as services they need or have available for others.
BabyLandHas links for Baby freebies a coupon exchange board and general information for new and expectant parents.
Parent Help Zone A resource and guide to parenting on the net. Has discussion boards, parenting links and articles.
Breastfeed.Com the site for breastfeeding information and support
Michell's Pen Pal and Freebie Express Information on Pen Pals and money saving tips.
The Shoe is a one-stop place for parents to exchange information on raising kids. Contains useful tips & info, kiddie & babyfood recipes, stain removers, coupon exchange, prayer chain, classic childrens songs and poetry, humor, Light-a-Candle, games & lots more!
Will's Website for Lil' Kiddies A charming homepage "hosted" by Will, nearly two yrs old, and contains many great links to child/parenting sites and family pictures.
The October '99 Parent Page This wonderful little page is the product of a group of people from around the world brought together to celebrate the birth of their October '99 babies. a general parenting site for those Trying to conceive
Pregnancy Today for expecting parents
Pregnancy Daily a daily pregnancy calendar
Birth to make your birth plan
Birth to share birth stories
Babies Today for your baby's first year
Baby Daily a daily baby calendar
Recipes Today for food and nutrition information
Born To - 65+ diapering & parenting articles!
THE MOMMY TIMES - The Mom to Mom Support Community on the Web
The Labor of Love Pregnancy resource from pregnant moms to parents
Parenting Help Online All the information you need on the net about parenting.
Parenting Help For Teens Parenting help for pregnant and teen parents. - From pregnancy and baby to parenting parents
Parent Parenting: parenting, parents, family, pregnacy, parent
The "M" Word--Parenting Humor Magazine
Father's World Fathering E-Zine
The Critical Mass - An Information Resource Guide for the Internet Traveler
Welcome at the Perron's Home! A French Canadian family's home page. Has a Favorite Links page with pregnancy links, and dealing with miscarriage. Lots of photo galleries.


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