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Baby Freebies Affiliates

The Baby Freebies
The Baby Freebies !

Welcome to our affiliate info site!

We owe a lot of gratitude to the following companies for letting us join and letting the Baby Freebies offer great stuff to our visitors.  We really have had excellent results with these businesses and have not had any problems using their programs. 
If you have a website with  regular visitors, these programs will benefit you as well. And, like the Baby Freebies, these are all free!  Please check them out:

They show you how you can earn commissions, generate extra income and maximise your profits with the best affiliate programs. Pay per lead, pay per sale and pay per click programs are all featured on these sites. Many also offer marketing tools, advice and resources help you to develop winning affiliate program strategies.
The networks keep track of the shoppers via a unique ID code issued to you, and at the end of the month or quarter cut you a check for a percentage of the sales generated by your leads. There is little risk with this: other than your time to set this up, there is no other up-front investment required on your part. If your site has lots of traffic, you'll get more dough as your visitors check out the links to these storefronts and buy something.

You have to do three things. First, you have to register with one or more affiliate networks, and agree to the program terms and conditions. Registration is free, and will take just a few minutes to enter all the information. Second, you place a bit of HTML code on your own web site, to advertise the offers. Finally, you make some adjustments to your pages to increase traffic or select a better collection of information that your visitors would be attracted to.

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Our Programs:

LinkShare - Get Your Share!, Supplying the 'Net with Quality Sponsors. - Make Money! make money and give away free trials, samples, sweepstakes, coupons, catalogs, and a variety of other offers.


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