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About The Baby Freebies
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Welcome to the Baby & Parent Freebies!

The 1-800#'s for free baby stuff is here to stay. We've been helping new and expecting parents since 1997. We get new offers everyday from parents like you, from the web, and from publications. We sure have grown from providing an 800#s list by email, to a simple web page, to our current network. We now have a free Message Board, links for free baby stuff, our beloved 800#s, and so much more!. Here you can get free samples, information, coupons, magazines, and newsletters. All free for pregnancy, babies, or parenting. We also have a printable page of just the 1-800#s for you so that you can call when you have time. Also you can swap baby clothing, maternity clothes, jewelry, collectables and more with other members for free. Highly recomended, A++

All that is required from you is your address. Sometimes a stamp is needed to mail your request for a freebie, but that's not often. Sometimes they have a quick survey for you to fill out, but it's usually very short.

We hope you enjoy it!


What are Baby Freebies?

Freebies are samples, coupons,
subscrptions, gifts, newsletters,
anything you get for free.
Companies give these out for no money,
no or low shipping costs, nothing.

Please get in touch with any comments or advice.

You can send e-mail to: