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95. George Henry7 McAtee (Benjamin Benedict6, George5, William4, William3, Edmund Charles2, Patrick1) was born 1849. His body was interred 1931 in Oakridge, OR.

He married Jane Elliot. Jane became the mother of Emma McAtee 1883. Jane became the mother of Oscar Benedict McAtee 1885. Jane became the mother of Clint McAtee 1886.

George became the father of Emma McAtee 1883. George became the father of Oscar Benedict McAtee 1885. George became the father of Clint McAtee 1886. The following letter is presumed to be from George Henry McAtee, who would be 38 years old at the time, to his father Benjamin Benedict McAtee:

To B. McAtee Linn PO Washington Co. Kansas postmark: Dec 16, 1887 Fishers Wash. T


Clark County, W.T

Nov 6, 1887

Well father it has been a long time since wrote home. I got a letter from you some time ago. I fell off writing till I could make up my minde what I was going to do. I don't know certain yet but I think I return to Kan this fall or in the spring my health is very poor. I am laid up with the rumatize in my back and hips not able to do anything. I was taken last spring and laid up three months when the wethers got warm in June I got able to go about. I went a(n) bought me a logging truck and went to work. I had a good deal of bad luck after tree months hard work I found I had not made anything so I come home and went to logging off of my place was doing well but broke down again with the rumatize as had to exit so it leave some in debt too yoke of oxen to feed hay $15.00 per ton grain $25.00 and no money can't work so I have to sell off everything at a great loss I think I will try and save enufh out of it to take me and family out of the country my credit here is good. I can buy anything I want but thare is no use going in debt unless I can work. I have tride hard to make me a home here but my health failing I haf to give it up. I think if I would go to a dry climate I would git over the rumatize. I will wait till I hear from you.

G McAtee

Historical events during the life of George Henry McAtee: birth of Franz Kafka on July 3, 1883; 1st inoculation (for rabies) of a human being, by Louis Pasteur on July 6, 1885; birth of Louis Alan Hazeltine, invented the neutrodyne circuit, making commercial radio possible on August 7, 1886; birth of Leslie Caron on July 1, 1931.

George Henry McAtee and Jane Elliot had the following children:

child 131 i. Harry Flood8 McAtee. He married Alice Hill.

child 132 ii. Harvey McAtee. He married Clarissa Saunders.

child 133 iii. Emma McAtee was born 1883. Emma died 1947 at 64 years of age. She married Earl Birch After 1906. The Following is a letter from Emma to her future husband Earl Birch:

Linn Kan, July 26 1906

Mr. E.G. Birch, Day, Kans.

Dear Earl,

Your good letter was recieved this morning. I'm glad you got back alright even if you did have a pretty tough time of it, ____ you ought to have waited until morning to gas up town. Well I must tell you first of my success in getting a school. Papa and I went down to Spring Creek in the morning, & I got the school the first one I applied for. We got the contract made out an everything settled in one trip, without waiting as you usually have to do. I have 8 mo. At $35 per month. Now wasn't I pretty lucky. School begins the first mon. In Sept. Only four weeks after this. I mean to do my very best to be a good teacher & make a success of it and to improve myself. I don't suppose you can thresh today either, I wish too that you had the banjo. O say kid I've found out who Pansy is, and isn't a girl either, but a certain nice young man that I know. To bad he is worrying about Mr. Birch & friend isn't it. You can talk to the girls if you want too because I don't think that would make you forget me, if it would I would rather find it out now than later on. Of course you can talk and have a good time without realy flirting with them. No, I haven't seen hammo(?) this week, nor had any interesting conversations either. It isn't long until the Bessmant (?) is it, and won't we have a big time then. Mr. B & his little schoolmarm, only she isn't very little is she and a dreadful poor writer, I just cannot write on this paper so you must excuse this & I'll do better next time. Well I'll not write anymore this time. Come over early Sun. Good bye little boy goodbye Your loving E.L.M.

child + 134 iv. Oscar Benedict McAtee was born 1885.

child 135 v. Clint McAtee was born 1886. He married twice. He married an unknown person. He married Jean Clark.

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