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Third Generation

13. John3 McAtee (Edmund Charles2, Patrick1) was born in Charles Co. Maryland 1705. John died 1792 in Maryland, at 87 years of age.

He married an unknown person.

John became the father of Edmund McAtee About 1727. John became the father of Sarah McAtee About 1729. John became the father of John McAtee in Charles Co. Maryland, About 1730. John became the father of Henry McAtee About 1730. At 40 years of age John became the father of George McAtee 1745.

Historical events during the life of John McAtee: birth of Benjamin Franklin, kite flyer on January 17, 1706; Edinburgh Music Society founded on March 29, 1728; birth of Antonio Soler, famed late 18th century Spanish composer on December 3, 1729; birth of Baron Frederick von Steuben, made the Continental Army winners on September 17, 1730; birth of Francisco Goya, painter on March 30, 1746; birth of Percy Bysshe Shelley on August 4, 1792.

John McAtee had the following children:

child 48 i. Benedict4 McAtee.

child 49 ii. Thomas McAtee. Thomas died After 1800. He married Sarah Maddox November 3, 1778. Thomas signed the Oath of Allegiance for Charles Coonty, Maryland. During the Revelutionary War he served as a 2nd Lieutenant in BG John Dent's Company.

child 50 iii. Elizabeth McAtee. Elizabeth died After 1801.

child 51 iv. Edmund McAtee was born About 1727. Edmund died 1781 at 54 years of age.

child 52 v. Sarah McAtee was born About 1729. Sarah died 1793 at 64 years of age.

child 53 vi. John McAtee was born in Charles Co. Maryland About 1730. John died 1804 in Grainger Co. Tennessee, at 74 years of age.

child 54 vii. Henry McAtee was born About 1730. Henry died 1782 at 52 years of age.

child 55 viii. George McAtee was born 1745. George died January 26, 1788 at 42 years of age. His body was interred in St. Ignatius Church Cemetery, Hartford County, Maryland.

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